5/21/18 Board Meeting

The Morse Waterways Association Board of Directors Meeting was held on May 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Cicero Library.  A summary of the topics discussed at that meeting is as follows:

The meeting opened with approval of the minutes from the previous board meeting, held on March 19, 2018.

Board president Dave Vanette began the meeting with a review of the agenda for the Morse Waterways Association General Meeting to be held on Tuesday, May 22ndat the Red Bridge Park Community Center at 7:00 pm.  The intent of the General Meeting is to provide all those who live on Morse Reservoir as well as those who have an interest with the latest information relating to current activities.  The topics to be discussed at the meeting are:

  1. Update on the dredging activity.
  2. Status of the LARE grant application.
  3. Schedule and specifics for the July 14, 2018 Lake Cleanup.
  4. Reports and information from the DNR

Jim Schneider provided a status report on the progress with the dredging.  He indicated that dredging is in progress at Geist reservoir and he is not sure when it will return to Hinkle Creek.  Two years of dredging was completed at Hinkle Creek during the first year with another year scheduled.

Jim had a meeting with the DNR to complete the application for the next phase of the dredging.  The state government requires bids from three contractors in order for the bid to be accepted but Jim is hoping that the contractor that is currently doing the dredging will be able to continue.

Art Hall reported that the Lake Cleanup is still on schedule for Saturday, July 14thfrom 8 am until 12 pm.  The logistics will be the same as previous years but, due to the installation of the new kayak launch at Red Bridge Park, all debris will have to be removed south of the new dock.

Eric Harley reported that the annual “Safety Days” is on schedule for June 2ndand 3rd.  A schedule was circulated for board members to volunteer for designated times to distribute Indiana Waterway Rules and a flyer with Morse Reservoir information.  The information will be provided at the Morse Lake Marina boat ramp.

Matt Clark gave an update on the progress with the new Morse Waterways Association website.  A test link was sent to all the board members for evaluation, comments and suggestions.  Matt asked for pictures that could be posted, information on the lake cleanup and information on the dredging.  He also raised the question of the possibility of a blog and a newsletter.

Jeff Derda informed the board that the mailer notifying all those who live on the reservoir of the General Meeting was complete and had been mailed.  Some of the addresses, however, could not be validated by the mailing service, so, it is possible that some residents would not receive the mailer.  The work that Jim Schneider, Art Hall and Dean Denhart put into making this happen was very much appreciated.

Dave Vanette discussed possible dates for a work session on the island and asked for volunteers.  Specific dates for this activity were to be determined.

Since there was no additional business, the meeting was adjourned.

The next board meeting is scheduled for July 16that 7:00 pm.