2018 Lake Clean Up


Organizer: Art Hall
Phone Number: 317-694-6069



Date & Time

Jul 14, 2018 @ 08:00 AM

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  • The event is scheduled for Saturday, July 14thfro 8:00 am until noon at Red Bridge Park.
  • The removal of logs and debris will begin at the north end of the reservoir and continue south.
  • Logs can be delivered on Thursday and Friday prior to cleanup day.  They can be deposited on the south side of the new kayak launch but they must be tied to the shore with a rope strong enough to keep it in the staging area.  Those logs will be removed on Saturday morning.
  • Those who live to the south, in the Hinkle Creek area can two logs to the area west of the marina behind the old docks.  These logs must also be tied to the shore.
  • Last year 15 dump truck loads of logs and 3 loads of metal were removed.
  • The more boats that are available, the more logs and debris that can be removed from the water.