11/13/17 Board Meeting

The Morse Waterways Association Board of Directors held a meeting on Monday evening, November 13, 2017.  A summary of the topics discussed at that meeting is as follows:

The meeting opened with approval of the minutes from the previous board meeting, held on September 11, 2017 and the recent General Meeting held at Harbour Trees Golf Club Ballroom on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

The first report was from Dean Denhart who is responsible for the distribution of “dock number” signs.  These numbers are used to help identify docks and corresponding houses on the reservoir in the case of emergencies.  Dean indicated that there has been increase in requests for signs and that, although the MWA does not charge for the signs, many people have responded with donations to the MWA in order to help offset the cost.

Roger Goings provided an update on the dredging that is in process at Hinkle Creek.  This was projected as a 2 year project and, with the current progress, the project is well ahead of schedule.  Jim Schneider indicated that he and Chuck Watkins have been working with The Bluffs POA on the submission of a L.A.R.E (Lake and River Enhancement) grant for additional dredging.

An issue was raised that some of the neighbors in North Harbor are concerned that the tiles leading into the reservoir are breaking and silt is building up more rapidly than normal.  Roger Goings did an initial investigation but was unable to identify any problem.  The board is requesting that anyone with information regarding this condition contact the MWA so that additional assistance can be provided if possible.

Matt Clarke provided an update on his progress with the new MWA website.  This is part of an effort to make the website more user friendly, provide timely updates, and include more information for those who live on and use Morse Reservoir.

The board voted to submit a donation for the new, handicap accessible, kayak/canoe launch that will be installed at Red Bridge Park in Cicero.

The board also voted to maintain the membership with the White River Alliance.

The final agenda item was to elect a new slate of officers for 2018.  Those elected are as follows:

President:  Dave Vanette
Vice President:  Jeff Derda
Treasurer:  Jerry Schwier
Secretary:  Chuck Watkins
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