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Save the Island

Saving the Island – Mission Accomplished!


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The Save the Island project was completed by Thomas Docks on January 24th. The concept for this project was started over 2 years ago developing the plan, working with the former Indianapolis Water company to obtain permits from IDEM and US Corps of Engineers, and completing the project with Citizens Energy Group. I would like to thank John South from the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District for writing The Conservation Plan for Shoreline Erosion Control for the Island.

Our original plan estimates were for 222 tons of riprap to cover 245 feet of shore line at a projected cost of $12,500. The initial plan called for the bare minimum of materials to minimize the future erosion for the island which would most likely require additional maintenance every 2-3 years. As we began the project, and more donations began to come in we elected to improve on the original plan by bringing in more rip rap and doing a more complete project. The original plan called for only 3 feet in height on the front side. However, we decided to cover the entire eroded area 6-8 feet high. If we had only covered 3 feet, the area above the riprap would still have eroded from rain and wind, thus falling down on the riprap below. This was a huge difference in the total tonnage of rock required. Secondly, we covered approximately 300 feet of shoreline to place riprap everywhere there was undercut of the soil. In the long run, I believe that we over-delivered on the original plan which produces a better cosmetic appeal and will better defuse future erosion on the top side of rip rap, reducing any required maintenance for a few years. Do not worry; the beach is still in place for our kids, grandkids and dogs to enjoy.

The project to date, February 2012, has cost $21,790.15 and we anticipate another $300-500 in unpaid bills. We have received $19,890 in donations leaving us to date. We have a shortage of just over $2000.  If you have not yet donated, please consider a donation to help cover these remaining amounts.

I want to acknowledge the following organizations.

  • Thank you to Hamilton County Parks Dept for allowing Thomas Docks to access the water from the park. This helped to reduce our overall costs.
  • Thank you to IMI for giving our nonprofit a low cost on the riprap.
  • Thank you to Citizens Energy Group for the support and donation.
  • Thank you to Marina Limited Partnership and McCrumb’s Mechanical for their donations.
  • Thank you to Thomas Docks for working in all weather climates and their donation.

I want to thank everyone for your kind and generous donations. Every amount of $10, $50, $100, $500, $1000 donated helped us to reach our goal.

I want to thank all my board members for supporting the project and particularly those who played a key role in getting this project started and completed: Roger Goings, Sam Zajac, Andy Sheets, Eric Harley.

If you have not made a donation, and would like to contribute to the project please use the PayPal feature on our web site or make checks out to Morse Waterways Association and send them to: Jim Schneider, 2460 Cape Henry Ct. Cicero, IN 46034. MWA is a non-profit 501(c) 3, so your donation is tax deductible.