9/20/17 General Meeting Notes

Morse Waterways Association General Meeting

Harbour Trees Golf Club Ballroom-333 Regents Park Lane, Noblesville Wednesday September 20, 2017- 7pm

1)  Welcome (Dave Vanette- President). President opened the meeting at 7.02 with welcome to the total of 39 attendees, including 11 Board members.

2)  Confirmation/election of new Board members.
The meeting confirmed motion from the floor to re-appoint (with no dissenters) renewal of Board members Art Hall, Dean Denhart, Chuck Watkins and John Weis.

3) If anyone needs a dock number please approach Dean Denhart. - pdenhart@comcast.net

4) Billy Doss, DNR summarized the violations during the year,

69 tickets were written in the year, including mostly life jacket and idle zone violations. Judge Poindexter increased fine for lifejacket violations from $200 to $300. 132 warn- ings were also written. 12 of the tickets were criminal cases (drugs, protective order etc). 25 of arrests were alcohol related. 3 of these were extreme cases.

Issued some tickets to minors who were offered option to clean off beer bottles from bridge. Littering specifically from a watercraft can be $1000 fine and generally violators with bottles or other litter have been written tickets only for general littering ($225).
Also wrote 40 fishing violation tickets.

Multiple minor drinking violations were issued on July 4.

There are noise ordinances for high noise and these are largely city ordinances. DNR can only issue tickets for exhaust specific violations.

Night time speed limit is 10mph. There are no laws regarding identifying night time wake boarders or the amount of wake created. However, if wake swamps another boat that is a responsibility of the boat driver. 10mph should not be confused with idle zone/no wake. No wake can never be faster than 5mph.

No longer is a permit required for 200 foot marker buoys due to State changes. Aim is to place at 185 feet. DNR maintains buoys. A pontoon has been running over these with their prop.Not yet apprehended.

There is no limit on how many boats can be rafted together in a cove area provided no flow blockage occurs.

After Labor Day the visibility of DNR on the lake reduces due to deer season and many other DNR needs.

Sunset is given on websites and elsewhere. DNR allows about 20 minutes after legal sunset. Dock lights may not be on during normal boating.

More education details can be seen on Facebook page. President and meeting expressed thanks to the DNR officers.

5) Review of Citizens Water activities and plans (Roger Goings- Vice Chair and Board member- Citizens’ Water Advisory Board Member)
Roger provided many details summarized as follows.

Advisory Board meets monthly with Citizens Water.

Active Projects

Still completing connection of Fall Creek to White River plant to help balance demand. (Completion delayed until 2018 due to some specific requirements from IDEM)

On the demand side the Purdue research project shows possibility to reduce irrigation demands by 70% with new bluegrass types and irrigation systems together with better scheduling. Smart controllers with added monitors can make better weather and needs related decisions. More sub soil systems rather than sprinklers will be used.

Looking to use zero potable water.
100M gallons per day used presently and in 2012 drought 200M gallons per day was used due to irrigation. Clearly reducing and need to further avoid this huge use of potable water.

New gravel pit at Geist will come on line in 2020. This will add 3Bn gallons capacity- equal to what can be drawn down from Morse in a single year. (although total Morse capacity is 6Bn)


Finally started June 1 with single stage dredging at Hinkle. Citizens had excess money due to delay of other projects and got more dredging done this year. Will be 50% com-

plete at Hinkle at end September and anticipate completion in 2018 pending survey ear- ly next year,
Looking to apply for LARE grant for $100k for next year of which $20k will come from homeowners. Application will be made in January 2018.

Big Cicero will be 2 stage and some mechanical dredging (2 stage is lower cost when started but set up is costly. Timing is 2019 – 2024.
Little Cicero will be 2 stage, from 2025 to 2030. (Big Cicero is to the east of Little Ci- cero).

Homeowner responsibility will be to remove dock (or pay for someone to remove dock) for any dredging under the dock area.
After dredging inevitably some refilling will occur and that is why MWA and WRA work to encourage no-till farming and other methods to reduce the filling in of more silt.

Cover crops are also being promoted (rye grass etc )that absorb nitrates and other to reduce the silting up of the inlets.
Maximum dredged depth will be 6 feet. Dredging company is paid based on cubic yards

Dam repair is a caulking process using epoxy over the cracks. Lake is down 6 inches and not sure when they will finish but likely one more week.

6) Lake Clean Up
Art Hall asked for any added names to the list for lake cleanup.

7) Meeting Closed at 8.15 with formal thanks to Ashley Thomas(Event Manager), Ed Devlin (GM) and Andy Gigante (Owner) of Harbour Trees who provided an excellent meeting facility without charge.

MF 9/26/17