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Lake Clean Up Reminder!

The 2013 second lake clean-up is coming & WE NEED YOUR HELP!
When: Saturday September 7th – 8:00am
Where: Red Bridge Park

We were short on pontoon boats for the first clean up so we are asking for more volunteers with boats this time around! We also need chain saws, big muscles and people willing to spending the morning helping their community! No amount of help is too little!!
If you have a pontoon boat and are willing to help please RSVP to Art Hall – OR 317-694-6069. We ask that you RSVP so that we can plan accordingly to round up enough supplies and volunteers ahead of time.
If you have any large logs, we want to hear from you. Email with your dock number. We would appreciate a donation for our volunteer efforts, but it is not necessary. Better yet, if you or your neighbors can pull the log to Red Bridge or the main marina, that would help us. You can tie the logs off a few days before or bring them the morning of the cleanup.
If you live near the Noblesville Marina, you can still haul any logs to the holding area to the west side of the courtesy docks and tie them off with an old rope to the other logs already located there. We will be disposing of these shortly after the lake cleanup. Please remember that we need your help and cannot continue to do complete cleanup with only 20-25 people and 2 pontoon boats for hauling.
There are still funds available for rain gardens and shoreline stabilization through the Healthy Shores 319 Federal Grant Program. Go to our web site and click on the Healthy Shores logo for information and application form. Hurry, the program expires the next few weeks.
Our next general meeting will be on Sept. 24th at the Red Bridge Park Community Building beginning at 7:00pm. We will discuss our reservoir dredging plans and have information regarding Citizens new proposed water plant for Noblesville area.
If anyone needs a replacement for their dock number sign, you can order it from Autografix, 700 N. 9th St. in Noblesville. Their phone number is 774-9090.
If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to our association, please use the PayPal feature on our web site or make checks payable to Morse Waterways Association and send them to: Jim Schneider, 2460 Cape Henry Ct. Cicero, IN 46034.
Thank you for your past and future time and contributions.
Jim Schneider, President – Morse Waterways Association