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Need Your Help For Clean Water Indiana!

Please see the recent press release below from the Indiana Wildlife Federation! We need YOUR help!

Conservation Funding Needs Your Support!

Two essential conservation funding programs, the Indiana Heritage Trust and Clean Water Indiana, are in trouble. Neither programs were included in Gov. Daniels’s proposed budget or the budget bill (HB 1001) moving through the House of Representatives.

CALL OR WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TODAY and tell them Indiana’s natural resources rely on these programs.

We need funding for the Indiana Heritage Trust at $750,000/year in the biennial budget. The Indiana Heritage Trust is the state’s only dedicated land acquisition program for conservation.  This is a visionary program, setting aside important lands for state and local parks, Fish and Wildlife Areas, Nature Preserves, State Recreation Areas and Historic Sites.

We also need the State Assembly to reinstate the $500,000 cut in dedicated funding for Clean Water Indiana. The program was created to protect and enhance the water quality of Indiana’s lakes, rivers and streams, by reducing the amount of polluted storm water runoff from urban and rural areas entering surface and ground water.  The program assists Indiana farmers and other property owners with technical expertise to complete projects to conserve soil and water.

In addition to contacting your Representative concerning IHT and CWI funding, please contact the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to ask for their support to reinstate the $500,000 in dedicated funding to the Clean Water Indiana Fund.

Please ask these Senators to speak with Senator Kenley, the chairman of the appropriations committee: Charbonneau, Broden, Boots, Hershman, Hume, C. Lawson, Miller, Mishler, Rogers, Tallian, Waltz, and Wyss.

Click here to find your legislator’s contact information.