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Welcome to the MWA website!

Hi Lake Friends,

I’m the new PR person for the MWA & am very excited to help grow the MWA and spread the word of this much needed organization.

Although my husband, Andy, and I have lived on Morse Lake for almost 4 years now – it wasn’t until this summer that I realized the importance of supporting the MWA. Andy and I traveled to Ohio to purchase a pontoon boat on Grand Lake St. Mary’s this past June….and eye opening experience! To our surprise and shock, Grand Lake St. Mary’s had such terrible toxic algae problems it was completely closed. CLOSED. No boats, no swimming, no restaurants…… it was a very sad and eye opening sight.

The entire trip home we asked ourselves – What would life be like if Morse were ever closed due to toxic algae? What if we couldn’t boat? Swim? Fish? What would happen to the restaurants? Surrounding businesses? Local economy? The value of our home?

If you have not read about Grand Lake St. Marys – do so now… after you read, please help spread the word of the Morse Waterways Association! Keep our lake safe, clean & a place we can all love and enjoy!

Click here to read about Grand Lake St. Marys!
Thanks Friends!
Amanda Sheets